Decisions made on basis of the fact-based analysis, risk prediction, detailed scheduling of production and business stages

Sustainable Consumption

We use natural resources reasonably and economically
keeping the environmental balance


We develop business to preserve plentiful lands, clean air
and water for future generations

About Us

GMC always makes the right decisions!

GMC is an ambitious dynamically developing company. It combines different business areas in a harmonious structure: crop production, livestock, production of organic fertilizers and trade in a wide range of products required for agriculture.

‍‍GMC provides consulting services, developing the most effective solutions on agricultural business for its partners and clients. GMC engages in a research-and-development activity as well.

People are the main value and the key to success!
The emphasis of GMC Team is to employ not only professionals but true dedicated fans.


Do no harm, but keep the nature safe!

Keystones of GMC business:

Rational Decisions

In an extremely competitive market it is crucial to think several moves ahead. The team of experienced experts develops effective solutions on basis of daily analysis of all influencing factors, risk assessment and planning different implementation scenarios. Therefore GMC business decisions are always successful.

Sustainable Consumption
GMC follows the principle of a reasonable consumption of natural resources; minimizes the negative impact on the environment; invests in restoration and in keeping the natural balance. The reasonable consumption is behind consistently high profitability of the company.
Natural Growth
We are responsible for the preservation of soil fertility, clean water and air for the future generations. We process the fields with the best land-friendly technologies. We use optimal combinations of organic and chemical fertilizers to restore soil fertility.

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Производство зерновых культур

На собственных полях в Украине мы выращиваем лучшие сорта зерновых культур. Производство зерновых всегда играло крайне важную роль в обеспечении человека продовольствием. Потому к этому направлению деятельности компании мы относимся особенно трепетно. Взрастить “хлеб” и не навредить земле - ключевой принцип, которым сотрудники компании руководствуются в своей ежедневной тяжелой работе.


Недалеко от живописного украинского села, в экологически чистом регионе располагается животноводческая ферма ,принадлежащая GMC. “Жемчужина” бизнеса компании, где GMC занимается разведением свиней, рогатого скота и домашней птицы. Численность скота в настоящее время насчитывает более 4 000 голов.

Производство органических удобрений

GMC осознаёт, что именно земля кормит все живое. Потому компания никогда не выберет быстрый заработок, который несет негативные последствия для земли. Из года в год мы будем поддерживать естественное плодородие и ценность украинских почв, применяя для этого только органические, правильно сбалансированные удобрения.

Торговля собственной и сопутствующей продукцией

GMC осуществляет торговлю всей продукцией, произведенной на активах компании: зерновые культуры (пшеница,кукуруза, ячмень и т.д.) и подсолнечник. Органические удобрения (компост и вермикомпост). Мясо (свинина, телятина, курятина)
Широкая партнерская сеть GMC позволяет компании поставлять разнообразный ассортимент продукции для ведения сельского хозяйства


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Activity of the company

Livestock Industry

The “pearl” of GMC business is a farm that is located in an ecologically clean region of Ukraine and that specializes in breeding pigs, cattle and poultry. The livestock population currently counts more than 4,000 heads. 

Our experts carefully select and control the diet of the livestock, thereby ensuring quality. GMC is against using chemical growth stimulants. Only carefully balanced and proven feed!

We are confident in the quality of meat produced at the GMC farm, therefore we are not afraid of giving it to our children.

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Grain crops

In our own fields we grow the best varieties of grain crops. We provide maximum production efficiency in the following ways:
🍀a rational arrangement of the company's fields (fertile regions with good transport interchange);
🍀processing of grain immediately after harvesting on the company's equipment (drying, cleaning of impurities);
🍀efficient logistics solutions with a guarantee of timely delivery to ports and elevators;
🍀usage of fertilizers produced by GMC for the maintaining the soil fertile properties

In 2018 GMC had a yield indicator of 1.6 c / ha. At the same time, the company hasn’t stopped with the gained achievement. GMC is always open for a dialogue with potential partners in the production of grain.

In 2019 we are going to grow not only grain but also sunflower with the subsequent production of oil.

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Organic fertilizers

GMC understands that the soil feeds life. Our company will never choose quick earnings, which have negative consequences on the land. From year to year, we maintain the natural fertility and value of Ukrainian soils, applying mostly organic, properly balanced fertilizers.

GMC produces fertilizers by composting agricultural and food waste (fruits, vegetables). Whereas, the main ingredients are of plant origin.The composition of GMC fertilizers was developed in close collaboration with agricultural chemist scientists and it is innovative and unique to the CIS.
Composting is carried out both in piles in open space and in special industrial composters using Californian worms.GMC fields are processed with organic fertilizers produced at our composting station.

Growing “bread” and not harming the soil is a key principle that company employees are guided by in their daily hard work.

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GMC trades everything that is produced on the company's assets:
🚛grain crops (wheat, corn, barley, etc.) and sunflower
🚛organic fertilizers (compost and vermicompost)
🚛meat (pork, veal, chicken)

GMC has an extensive network of partners. It allows the company to supply a diverse range of related products for agriculture:
🚛seed material
🚛mineral fertilizers
🚛field processing equipment

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